Are Hoverboards & Self Balancing Scooters Safe or Dangerous?


Hoverboards are all the rage these days, and will surely continue to be just as popular as we move into this Holiday season. Despite being so popular with kids and adults alike, hoverboards have recently received some bad press.

Some hoverboards have even been linked to starting fires in homes, sparked by the battery that powers the unit. However, this is something that occurs only because some untrustworthy and sketchy manufacturers are producing knock off hoverboards and selling them at a lower price to undercut competitors, knowingly selling an unsafe product.

As long as you shop carefully, a safe hoverboard is both easy to find and affordable.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Hoverboard?

The first step when looking into buying a hoverboard is to buy from a trusted retailer that has many reviews from real people. Best to stay away from any used units or auction sites like Ebay, Kiosks in the mall – even Craigslist, where small vendors may not be able to validate every hoverboard they sell.

These pop-up shops and private sellers could easily be selling counterfeit merchandise from overseas.

Read the reviews wherever you buy, and buy only those that have been reviewed by trust sources. Another thing to look for is safety certification labeling such as a UL emblem label.

UL, for example, works with the US Customs office to ensure that imported products are vigorously tested and safe for use.

There have been reports of fake UL labels attached to hoverboards and other products, but this is only a risk if you are buying from vendors overseas.

How to Use a Hoverboard Safely

Hoverboards should always be used with personal safety equipment. A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and even wrist protectors should be used while operating a hoverboard.

The internet is filled with people falling off hoverboards and hitting the ground hard, and injuries can almost always be avoided by using the proper safety equipment, as per the operating manuals of the hoverboards you purchase.

If you are worried about any battery issues in your hoverboard, be sure to follow the operator’s manual for charging and storing instructions, as well as these tips.

You should never be leaving the hoverboard plugged in to charge overnight. Ideally, you also allow the unit to cool down for up to an hour after charging, as heat will inevitably be produced while charging, and if you go from charging to operating too soon, the high heat produced could cause issues.

You should also avoid using the hoverboard on rough or bumpy surfaces or letting it bump into hard surfaces at any speed.

Is It Safe to Own and Operate a Hoverboard?

Although there have been reports of hoverboards being unsafe and dangerous, many times the hoverboards in question were cheap knockoffs, or were used contrary to the suggested manufacturer’s instructions.

Do your research and search the news for hoverboards that have been marked as dangerous or as a hazard.

Always buy well-reviewed products that have been used and tested by other consumers and/or those that have been certified by an agency like UL. And of course if you’re ever in doubt, it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Using the proper safety equipment while operating a hoverboard is also a must in order to keep you safe.

It’s truly a shame that some manufacturers have caused hoverboards to be given a bad name, as they are a fun and unique gift and experience.

As long as you can get your hoverboard from a trusted source and use it properly, they will provide you with fun and excitement while still staying safe.

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